Kommandeursburg Kerpen Blatzheim

Medieval Banquet

My gracious Lords and Ladies,


accept our hearty invitation to dine at our request and forsooth a special experience.


Let us wet your appetite with our food and drink selection.


Surrounded by candlelight on a decorated medieval table, let us take you back in time. As tradition will have it, eat with your fingers or from a slab using a skean and drink out of goblets.


The banquet will be opened by the historical Herald Proclamation. He will tell you of tales held within the castle walls, proclaim the table manners and tell you of morals and customs.


Take this offer of food and drink, lean back and enjoy and let the minstrel or juggler in him entertain you. Be amused solely by his performing arts.



Broth from vegetables, grown in our castle moat.

Bread with curd cheese mixed with wild herbs.


Parched, hearty chicken and rabbit legs

and juicy, crackling leg of pork

accompanied by potatoes in a salt crust.


Vegetables, leafy salads, grown in our castle moat


Fried apples from our neighbour’s trees.


Apple and berry mousse Parfait.


A digestive elixir.


As the table bends under the choice of luscious dishes served in bowls and slabs, indulge as much as you can until you are not able to indulge anymore.


In this arrangement wine, beer on draught, Kölsch, Pilsner, soft drinks, apple and orange juice, mineral water, as well as tea and coffee are included in the lump sum with service, catering and live performances.


Seating can be arranged on one long table or on separate tables.

Duration: approx 5 hours.


Reservations: Weekdays from Monday - Thursday from October to March.



20 People, per person                  109,00 €

40 People, per person                    79,00 €

60 People, per person                    69,00 €

more than 80 People, per person  64,00 €


Arragements will be organized as private function!


Accomodation is available, if requested, including a shuttle service.


Single Room per pers.    including breakfast 65,00 €

Double Room                including breakfast 85,00 €


All prices exclusive VAT.


Weekends and Official holidays on request.