Kommandeursburg Kerpen Blatzheim

Pure Pleasure




Whilst you savour delicate wines and chocolate, an experienced sommelier invites you to listen to the history of chocolate and enjoy an array of exclusive wines and chocolate flavours.



Reception with a SUBMARINO!

A chocolate worry doll is dipped into a cup of hot milk. A traditional way to expel the problems of the old year.



  Prawns in a saffron and lime sauce

  Medium rare fried roast beef with a herb sauce

  Salad of wild rabbit, lamb’s lettuce with nuts, bacon and croutons.

  Bread basket filled with lye bread, served with herb or lime butter

  Cream of pumpkin soup with sunflower seeds and chocolate croutons

Main course:

  Surf and Turf

  Lemon chicken with American life-style fried vegetables

  Sweet corn biscuits

  Venison with a cranberry and chocolate sauce

  Poppyseed Spätzle (egg pasta)


  A variety of fresh fruits to dip into different chocolate fountains


Background music throughout the whole evening.


In this arrangement wine, beer on draught, Kölsch and Pilsner, soft drinks, apple and orange juice, Mineral water, as well as tea and coffee are included in the lump sum with service, catering and live performances.


Seating can be arranged on one long table or on separate tables.


Duration: approx 5 hours.

Reservations: Weekdays from Monday - Thursday from October to March.



20 People, per person                    115,00 €

40 People, per person                      85,00 €

60 People, per person                      75,00 €

more than 80 People, per person    69,00 €


Arragements will be organized as private function!


Accomodation is available, if requested, including a shuttle service.


Single Room, per pers., including breakfast 65,00 €

Double Room               including breakfast 85,00 €


All prices exclusive VAT.


Weekends and Official holidays on request.