Kommandeursburg Kerpen Blatzheim

Our competence for your Events


  -6 different rooms catering for 20 - 600   (seated)

  -Spacious courtyard (no time limit)

   max. 1.400 people

  -Stylish in-house furnishings

  -In-house decoration department    (without obligation)

  -Suites in the castle. Hotels situated nearby

  -163 adjoining parking spaces

Food and Drink:

  -Catering (without obligation)

  -Different flat rates for beverages, served by our own professional,

    friendly staff

  -Various delegate arrangements

In-house utilities:

  -Permanent built-in- sound, screen and lighting. In-house technicians

  -Modern communication and office services

  -Access for lorry’s. In-house fork lift truck

Our competitive edge:

  -Online customer service with detailed planning aids

  -Stepping stones to build up each event to meet your own individual requirements


If explicitly wished we can organise your complete event


What’s possible - a huge variety!

Is it an obligation - not at all!

Is everything possible - almost everything!


Changes or additions can be made up to the very last day. Flexibility is our key !